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Antique? Vintage? Retro? Or just old?

 I often look for "old" chairs in second hand shops and on the internet. You know what? Even professionals have no idea what the difference is between vintage, retro or antique.

Here is the short version
- Antique furniture is over 100 years old
- Vintage is the real thing
- Retro is inspired by something old

But I agree, that's a bit too simplistic. Here is how I see it:

  Vintage refers to a certain style and period. A chair can be from the '60s, and really have this vintage vibe. These days, everything from 1920 to 1970 is much appreciated. Experts agree that items have to be 20 years old to be called vintage. It's hard to know what style really defines an era until we are at least 20 years out of it.

Retro is not necessarily old. Retro is just a step back in time. It refers to something for the past and often
has some kind of nostalgic feeling about it.

This fridge is new, but refers to an old design.

Antique - The only rule that people seem to agree on, is that antique furniture is only antique if it's older
than 100 years old. But it's not that simple. Antique also refers to a certain quality. As things were not
easily mass-produced 100 years ago, most furniture was hand crafted, which adds to the quality. So some antique has value, some antique is worth as much as your Ikea couch.

Still too difficult? This is how to explain it to an 8 year old:

- Antique is older than grandma

- Grandma is vintage

- Someone dressing like grandma is retro

Do you agree with my definitions?

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